Humanitarian Work

Live Lifted takes to the streets of Edmonton on a daily basis to deliver food, clothing, bedding, and love.  We help those in need whenever we can with whatever we can.  

Live Lifted just opened up its first donation centre at Lenora’s Florals.  If you have any food, clothing, bedding, or toiletries to donate you can drop them off there 

Monday-Saturday 10am-4:30pm.  

Through Live Lifted, Kora-lea Vidal spent time in Haiti last year on a solo humanitarian mission.  During her time spent there she taught English.  She also did her part to help the locals, whether that be buying mattresses, food, or parts for motorbikes.  

Stephan Greenidge has helped build countless homes, schools, and clinics in various third world countries.

Live Lifted is currently working alongside housing agencies as well as privately to help the homeless find affordable, safe places to live.  We believe that everyone is deserving of adequate food, water, and shelter.  We know that by helping the homeless with housing we are also empowering them in other areas of their lives to Live Lifted.