Live Lifted is a humanitarian movement with a vision of ending world hunger.  Our mission is to empower people across the world, to rise above life's challenges and uncover their inner potential to impact the lives of others.  We will help individuals struggling with mental health and addiction to overcome barriers and find a sense of purpose.  Together we will lift stigmas and take a stand for the equality of all human life.  Our movement allows us to join together and be of service to humanity, raising the standards of living for all.

With a vision and mission so grandiose one might wonder where to start?  I wondered the same thing myself, that was until I decided to take action locally and with what little resources I had.  Organizing clothing drives for the homeless and delivering leftover food or fresh produce to those in need was also a start.  As mother Theresa once said if you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.  As Live Lifted grows we plan to cause a rippling effect of love and light which will touch lives the world over.  



10 speakers. 10 minute talks.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a speaker? 

Do you have a story to share with the world?  

Are you craving more inspiration in your life?

Welcome to TENtalks.

First and foremost, the driving force behind TENtalks is to raise money and gain exposure for the humanitarian movement Live Lifted.  TENtalks also aims to support a wider range of speakers who’s voices deserve to be heard.  These talks feature speakers with ten minutes to share their stories in thought provoking speeches.  The underlying theme of TENtalks is a voice for change which inspires us to speak up about causes that matter as well as donate to Live Lifted’s humanitarian efforts.

The first of its kind TENtalks was held August 30th, 2019 in Edmonton, AB. Since then, it has been expanding across Canada.  We have our sights set on hosting events in Calgary, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Kelowna, and Vancouver in 2020.

Upcoming 🌈TENtalks

TENtalks Edmonton Spring, 2020

TENtalks Calgary Spring 2020

Lifted Events


Lifted Events hosts various workshops throughout the year.   It is our mission to the lift the lives of people across the globe to inspire them to be the change in the world.  To give back at every opportunity and shine their light.  Join us for high energy, weekend workshops featuring motivational speakers, presentations by clinical psychologists, Meditation, Yoga, and other self-care practices.
Our workshops are interactive and dedicated to personal development, connection, self-love, and mental health. 

Stay Lifted! 

Motivational Speaking


In need of a thought provoking speaker covering the topics of mental health & addiction?  Look no further.  Kora-lea Vidal is an Author, Speaker, and a former national football athlete.  Kora-lea speaks about her life experiences with bipolar disorder, overcoming drug addiction, and bulimia.  A humanitarian at heart, Kora-lea shares her dream of ending world hunger.

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